About Our Team

At Throne Publishing, it is our mission to empower people to tell their stories. We’ve had the privilege of working on over 300 books, and we have handcrafted each experience to empower our authors to share their unique story. We are committed to making every book the most effortless, memorable, and lasting experience possible.

Jeremy D. Brown

CEO and Publisher
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Brooke Brown

Operations Manager

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Amy Rollinger


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Angela Tewalt

Lead Writer
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Jory Butler

Awaken Guide

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Jordan Brown

Video Producer
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Over 30 writers, editors,
proofers and printers

In our contracted talent pool.

Guiding Convictions


Empower leaders to do things they’ve never done.


Provide the most effective vehicles for leaders to gain significant influence, build their brand and grow their business.


Every single day we seek to get at least 1% better in our work, for our clients, for our family and for God.

Warrior Spirit

We constantly seek Action Oriented Solutions. We bring our full strength to the table for the benefit of others. We fight against the culture that encourages people of all ages to forever drink from an empty cup.


We are a force of people fueled by joy, contentment, and confidence. We choose these thoughts and feelings in the good times and in the challenging times. We are relationally focused first and problem solving second.

Purpose Driven People

Our team and our clients are all motivated by something bigger than themselves and they are unashamed of it. We live out Colossians 3:23: “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart.”

Experience-Based Content

We only publish books that are inspired by experience-based authors in word, in deed, and in truth.

Honor The Author

All of our service and final products will honor the spirit of the author and their ultimate goals. We will honor them in writing, design, and communication. We will honor the ultimate Author with our life and through our work.

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