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Hi, I’m Jeremy!

The first thing you should know about me is that I’m a writer and a storyteller. I’ve been in the writing and storytelling business for over 13 years now. 

My wife, Brooke, and I run our business together full-time. We have three boys, one dog, and a wonderful, crazy life! 

While working with your spouse can get a little wild at times, we love working together. I bring the vision and Brooke brings the heart. 

My passion for writing started 13 years ago when I wrote my first book. 

I knew then that writing wasn’t the most lucrative business, but I saw how much it helped people, and I dreamed of finding a way to do what I love full-time while being able to support my family. 

I was determined to turn my love of writing and storytelling into a real business.

Years later, our company has published over 400 books. We have customers all around the world, and we’re happy to be living life on our terms. 

Friends, I am proof that you can leverage your love for writing and turn it into a successful full-time career. 

I’m so glad you’re here, and I look forward to helping you turn your passion into a profitable business! 

Our Proven Process

We offer a proven, step-by-step process and a turnkey business model that will take your passion for writing and turn it into a business. This transition will change your life and the lives of your customers, as well. 

We provide professional coaching, training, and support every step of the way. We’ll be there for you as you launch and build your own writing and storytelling business. 

We’ve tested this process on many kinds of writers, all of whom have different styles and different goals for their writing business. We’ve found that our process works every time, with every person, as long as they follow the process. 

So, are you ready to take the first step? 

The StoryWay Program Supports Your Success

Our process creates successful writers that can work in many different genres and styles, including:

The StoryWay Process Helps You Build a Real Writing Business.

Our writers work successfully and efficiently with a diverse range of clients who come from many different backgrounds. Our process will show you how to write books by:

Coaches, Consultants, and Trainers

Families and Legacy-Minded Clients

CEOs, Executives, and Entrepreneurs

Pastors and Ministry Leaders

Non-profit Directors and CEOs

Family-owned Businesses

And Many More Industry-Specific Books!

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Over $250,000 in business distributed to the top Certified StoryWay Guides in 2021

It’s time to start your successful writing business. We’re here to give you the support, processes, and community to help you launch the career of your dreams. With us, you’ll…

Learn a proven process.

The StoryWay Process creates successful writers. Follow our proven process to save years of frustration and effort. Our process produces predictable, quality results and promotes life-changing customer experiences that help you win more clients and build life-long relationships.

Become the go-to expert.

Get certified and become part of a trusted network of writers. Whether you work with non-fiction authors, consultants, coaches, business owners, or even the average person who wants to share their story, the StoryWay Certification will provide the edge you need to become the go-to writer in your network.

Leverage a turn-key business model.

Start earning money right away. The StoryWay turn-key business allows you to build a successful business faster and easier than ever before. Our tested, proven business model helps you earn the money you deserve doing the work you love.

Develop a natural sales style.

Learn to sell a process, rather than selling yourself. Learn how to attract customers and make selling natural and effortless.

Enjoy a powerful network.

When you become a Certified StoryWay Guide, you gain immediate access to a network of other trained, certified, and talented writers and storytellers. This network will be there to support you through your biggest and most important projects.

Leverage proven credibility.

Using our storytelling and publishing process allows you to enjoy the recognition of a proven brand with proven results. We’ve published hundreds of books and helped thousands of people tell their stories. Connect your name to a brand and process thousands of customers already trust.

The Certified StoryWay Guide Program

If you’re ready to turn your passion for writing into a profitable and purpose-driven business, we’re ready to help you make it happen! As a StoryWay Guide, you can:

Do work you love for compensation that makes you feel like you can conquer the world.

Feel confident that you’re living your purpose and making an impact on the lives of others.

Feel empowered to turn your passion into a profitable business.

What You Get When You Join

Build a solid, well-rounded business from your passion for writing.

Coaching Calls.

When you join us, you’ll get three months of weekly group coaching calls with the co-founders. These calls will provide coaching, guidance, problem-solving strategies, and answers to any pressing questions you may have

Support & Community.

Access our exclusive, thriving community of passionate writers and storytellers who are committed to changing lives and growing their businesses. Set goals and enjoy the support and accountability that comes with being part of a community.

Online Training.

Get instant access to our online StoryWay University, which includes more than 25 hours of training (updated regularly). You’ll also get access to our bonus training with the StoryWay faculty of world-class trainers, coaches, and storytellers.

Network Benefits.

Collaborate with other Certified StoryWay Guides and get access to perks such as printing and other discounts that will save you (and your clients) money.

Turnkey Business Model.

The complete StoryWay Writing and Publishing Process in our turn-key business model helps you make a real business from your writing.

Live Training.

Get a seat at our Live StoryWay Guide Certification Course. This training allows you to meet and talk with current StoryWay Guides.


Get the tool needed for a successful writing career with strategic and empowering accountability.

Sales & Marketing Tools.

Learn how to represent yourself and showcase your value without feeling bad about it. Our professional process gives you the tools you need to attract quality customers and provide value.

What Our Current Guides Are Saying About the StoryWay Guide Certification

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Who Is the StoryWay Program For?

Writers who want to turn their passion into a full-time business.

Authors who want to keep publishing their own books and help others do the same.

Storytellers who want to interview people, write stories, and earn a good living in the process.

People who love hearing stories and wish they could make a business out of storytelling.

Writers who want to quit their day jobs and earn a healthy living from their writing.