The B.U.R.N. Process:
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The process behind the finished product — the book.

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Leverage a process that’s proven to work, one that has been reserved only for top-paying clients and will help you write your next best book.

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Discover how to unlock your very best content that’s completely unique to you, and no one can ever steal.

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Take advantage of the opportunity to save hundreds of hours of writing (and over $10k in the publishing process.

What Is The B.U.R.N. Process?

The B.U.R.N. Process is a tool you can use to get the most out of your interviews and write the best possible book. It stands for: Beginning, Urgency, Refinement, and Newness. These are the cycles that everyone goes through; these are the stories people share that help us write their books.

The book covers each cycle in depth and teaches you how to follow The B.U.R.N. Process to successfully capture others’ stories.

How The B.U.R.N. Process Came About

Over the past 15 years, I’ve interviewed well over 600 people. Each interview lasted at least eight hours. In some cases, interviews lasted up to 48 hours. From these interviews, I got to intimately see the story of people’s lives.

The more interviews I did, the more I could almost predict what was going to happen because I started to see patterns in people’s lives. I learned that our lives work in cycles, like the earth works in seasons. And these cycles are patterns in all sorts of people’s lives — from an atheist in Australia to an entrepreneur in Singapore, and even someone right in my home state of South Dakota.

As I began to recognize this cycle, I started to better understand what stories should go in the book, and how: how to tell those stories so they land with the audience; how to use and leverage those stories to teach the most unique content and teaching points that the author has directly experienced. 

All of these interviews combined allowed me to create The B.U.R.N. Process, and this book teaches you everything you need to know about masterfully learning others’ stories, without having to sit through hundreds of interviews!

The B.U.R.N. Process Has Been…

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