The purpose of goal setting: why writing down your goals leads to optimal results

Virg Christoffels has plans for you.

Big plans.

All of which he shares in his book, Do Life Big.

While Virg’s business knowledge and life wisdom extends decades, he has one big takeaway in mind when it comes to his book.

What is one thing the reader could take away from your book that they could apply today and get different, big results?

It all starts with tracking and goal setting, which leads to optimum results and a clear exit plan.

This method, one Virg relies on and has since passed on, is what he believes to be the key to creating different, big results, not only today, but the rest of your life.

For Virg, this process is what, “allows you to live a life with more contentment, less worry, less stress, because your plan becomes the roadmap. And it’s like, okay, I got a map and I know where I’m going.”

While Virg knows all too well that life plans are constantly being rewritten and detoured, the beginning point is always the same; start with a plan.

“When you have a plan and set goals, you’re planning for the future. This means you can act on that plan and you don’t just have to react to whatever comes your way.”

This sets things in motion to, “allow us to live an optimum life, which I think we’re all called to do.”

What is one thing the reader could take away from your book that would result in a 1% improvement?

Big doesn’t need to equal difficult or impossible.

Virg goes on to share you can start by writing down your goals and plans for your life.

If you do that one thing, you’ll be “one of the 3% of people in the world that actually writes down their goals and their plans for life. Do this and your life will be different because you’ll have the things that we were just talking about – you’ll have that sense of a roadmap, a sense of peace, and the ability to live more stress free.”

If you’ve ever wondered, “How do I get the most out of my business? My life,” pick up a copy of Do Life Big by Virg Christoffels, available on his website, In this book, he outlines a clear and easy template to guide you in writing out a plan for your life and business that is easy, practical and attainable.

Visit Virg’s website for more resources and to inquire about working with him as a business coach and speaker.

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