The Boys of McBride

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We Invite You

To be interviewed about your story and share your legacy through a published book with 100% of the proceeds going to the McBride Legacy Scholarship Program.

Below is a video conversation between Joe Nettemeyer, Executive Chairman and CEO of Valin Corporation who is the originator of this project and Jeremy Brown, CEO of Throne Publishing Group, who will be leading the writing and publishing teams for the project.

Below are more details of the book project that will outline why the project will be a meaningful experience for you and you will be helping impact generations.

Our Shared Mission For the Book:

Spark inter-generational conversations by telling stories of The Boys of McBride. Men, of modest beginnings having the complete man developed at McBride. Their stories highlight the contributions made to their family, their faith, their profession and their impact on the communities they lived in.  Men who have demonstrated, by example, how men can contribute to their families and communities.

Our Goals For The Book:

  1. Bring positive messages to men and women through powerful stories of successful contributions.
  2. Using examples of stories Inspire coming generations to be contributors in their families and communities. Next, illustrate how all the contributions add up to a healthy society.
  3. Share powerful stories of men who live a life of responsibility, honor, duty, family and faith.
  4. Increase contributions to McBride Legacy Scholarship Program. All proceeds and revenues created by the book will go directly to the Scholarship Program.
  5. All funds from book sales will go toward the scholarship program.

Who The Book Will Reach and Impact:

  1. Young men in their formative years who are seeking direction and inspiration.
  2. Leaders that have grown and developed and can reach back to contribute in significant and meaningful ways.

The Process We Will Guide You Through:

  1. We schedule a 90-minute interview with you at your convenience.
  2. A professional team interviews you over Zoom.
  3. We write your story in a way you want to tell it and that honors your legacy, highlights your development at McBride and shares your story of contribution to your family and community.

Basic Interview Questions We Will Ask and Help You Answer:

  1. What environment did you grow up in and what circumstance lead you to McBride?
  2. What was your most formative moment or experience at McBride?
  3. Who was your favorite or most influential Priest or Brother at McBride?
  4. In what ways have you contributed to your family through living a life of honor, duty, faith and family?
  5. In what ways have you contributed to your community through living a life of honor, duty, faith and family?

Buy the Book

"Esto Vir" is an example of Joe Nettemeyer's first book published with Throne Publishing Group. Esto Vir - Latin for "Be a Man" - is the guidebook for young men who want to discover the biblical meaning of manhood. Rejecting society's cynical outlook of manhood, Joseph Nettemeyer shares his own experiences and simple principles to empower you in the pursuit of personal excellence and a deeper commitment to Christ, family, church, and community.