The antidote to relationship building: exploring the true character of God

The religious overtones and biased descriptions of who God is, are abundant.

That’s why Joe Stehlin is passionate about sharing the true, Biblical character of God. So much so, he wrote about it in his new book, Hunted and Called: Who God Really Is and How He Changed My Life.

What is one thing the reader could take away from your book that they could apply today and get different, big results?

Joe wants you to see God in a new light.

To know Him beyond His title by exploring and understanding His true character.

Each chapter of Joe’s book, Hunted and Called, is centered around a specific Jehovah name of God as described in the Old Testament, ultimately directing to a particular trait of God.

Sharing these attributes of God are so that the reader “can start to recognize God and all aspects of His character to understand He’s much bigger than we realize.”

“We arbitrarily just call him God, and don’t really stop to think and reflect when we say that we’re also saying He’s a shepherd, a healer, our peace, our provider, and so on.”

Joe knows how vital this message is, experiencing the difference it makes firsthand. Knowing the true traits embodied by God transforms our ability to confidently approach and trust Him.

What is one thing the reader could take away from your book that would result in a 1% improvement?

Joe’s answer to this is rather simple, yet profound in the impact it can have to deepen our relationship with God.

“I want the reader to realize they can talk to God about anything. And it’s okay to express all your emotions because He already knows about them anyway. He knows what’s on your heart.”

“That sort of openness creates a deeper relationship and I want people to realize that God is in this with them.”

And that conversation simply begins with prayer.

“I was explaining to someone that prayer with God is nothing more than a conversation. When we invite Christ into our heart, it’s a relationship. And just like our relationships on earth includes communication, your relationship with God is the same.”

Regardless of what you’ve been told about God, Joe wants you to take a step back and reflect on the idea that, “we can know God in a personal way by learning about His different characteristics. By breaking them down to describe who God is, you realize that when the world says that he’s distant, unapproachable, or harsh, it’s a lie. Those aren’t his characteristics at all.”

Pick up a copy of Hunted and Called by Joe Stehlin on Amazon today. In this book, he outlines a clear and simple approach to uncovering the heart of God so that the reader can deepen their relationship with Him and experience abundant life.

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The Bible says that Satan prowls around like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. Satan hunts us. The Bible also proclaims that God calls us out of the darkness and into his glorious light. God calls us. So why don’t more people step out of the oppressive darkness and into the beautiful light that God has waiting for them? Mankind has been sold a bad bill of goods, which says that God is a distant, unapproachable, impersonable, harsh being in the sky who only wants to judge us and send us to hell. Simply put, most people fail to see Him as the loving Father who sent His Son, Jesus, to give his life so that He can have a relationship with us. In Hunted and Called, author Joe Stehlin wants you to know God for who He really is, rather than what the world says He is. If we fail to see God as the loving Father who gave his Son to reestablish a relationship with us, then we cannot recognize all the other aspects of his character. i.e., He wants to be our Shepherd, to heal us, and walk with us, to bring us peace and righteousness, and provide for our needs. Throughout this book, Stehlin’s stories will empower you to see the places in your life where God is leading, healing, redeeming, and speaking to you. We are all simultaneously being hunted and called, and we are all unfinished stories as long as we are alive and breathing. It’s time to step out of the darkness and into the brilliant, light-filled story God has written just for you!