How to optimize the human potential: taking personal responsibility for our health

“Optimizing the human potential” is the focus of Dr. Andy Barlow’s clinic and a key message he shares in his book, Highway to Health: The Road to Overcoming Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia, and Chronic Pain through the Gut-Brain Connection.

With over 20 years of experience as a chiropractor, functional medicine doctor, and neurological specialist, he’s witnessed firsthand the one decision which sets this change in motion.

What is one thing the reader could take away from your book that they could apply today and get different, big results?

Dr. Barlow’s answer – “Remove processed and fast food” from your diet. He goes on to share that we’re completely in control of what we put in our mouths. By removing these types of food from our bodies, you help “lower your blood sugar and lower your inflammatory responses. And it’s going to allow you to be more focused and have more attention, more concentration, and sleep better.”

While a book can be written on best practices to improve one’s overall health, Dr. Barlow notes, it still comes down to a person taking action by implementing these principles every day.

What is one thing the reader could take away from your book that would result in a 1% improvement?

A 1% improvement would be walking. Move your body and commit to walking one mile a day.”

Dr. Barlow reminds us that much of our health comes down to lifestyle choices. And remember, incremental changes do and will have a lasting impact on a person’s overall health.

“Motion is life.” We have control over our health. Living a sedentary lifestyle can lead to additional health issues that can easily be adverted. Start by removing processed and fast food and walking one mile a day.

He encourages starting small. “The way I recommend people do it is for the first two weeks, walk half a mile, and then walk three quarters of a mile for two weeks, etc.” This helps make walking a habit you can stay committed to because you see the progress in your overall health.

The highway to health is wide open, and Dr. Andy Barlow wants to guide you to optimize your human potential.

Pick up a copy of Highway to Health by Dr. Andy Barlow, available on Amazon. Take this life-changing journey with Dr. Barlow as he teaches you about the “Brain-Body-Gut Connection” and helps you get on and stay on the Highway to Health.

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Dr. Barlow is a chiropractor, functional medicine doctor, and neurological specialist who earned his diplomate and completed a fellowship through the elite Carrick Institute. He has since taught hundreds of doctors from around the world this life-changing material. At his clinic in Tupelo, Mississippi, he specializes in helping people who have been failed by traditional medicine. With his characteristic wit and emphasis on taking personal responsibility for your health, take this life-changing journey with Dr. Barlow as he teaches you about the “Brain-Body-Gut Connection” and helps you get on and stay on the Highway To Health.