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Thursday, April 22, 2021



Welcome to your Summit Dashboard! This is where you’ll find resources you may need throughout the day: the Summit Zoom Room, links that may be mentioned, and content from each of our speakers that you may access at any time.  Click a speaker’s image below for more information.


Summit Speakers


Rudy Ruettiger

 Motivational speaker and author. University of Notre Dame graduate, where he played college football. His early life and career at Notre Dame were the inspiration for the 1993 film Rudy.

Scott Lawrence

President and CEO of Lawrence & Schiller Marketing

Jeana Goosmann

Founder and CEO of Goosmann Law Firm, Author of “Worth It: Ready. Execute. Deliver”, Passionate about protecting business leaders, helping them win disputes, and spending time on what’s worth it 

Jay Owen

CEO of Design Extensions, Author of “Building a Business that Lasts”

Divya Parekh

Global Business Growth Strategist, Renowned Speaker and Influencer using Evidence-based strategies to take entrepreneurs to the next level

Jeremy Brown

Founder and CEO of Throne Publishing Group, Presenting Interviewer for the Throne Summit Series

Will Stevens

President, Every Generation Ministries, Adjunct professor of Old Testament, author of “God’s Givers: Seven Old Testament Stories of Fearless Giving”

Previous Speakers

Cheryl Bachelder

Former Chick-fil-a and Procter & Gamble Board Member, former CEO of Popeye’s

Sam Thevanayagam

Entrepreneur & Steward. President & CEO at Parts Life, Inc., DeVal Lifecycle Support, and LC Engineers, Inc.

Joelle Marquis

Senior partner at Arsenal Capital and founding partner of Legacy in Action

Anna Saucier

Entrepreneur, mentor, FertilityCare Practitioner, passionate women’s health advocate

Steve Chaparro

Founder and CEO of Culture Design Studio, culture & communication expert, transforming companies through co-creative design

Maddie Peschong

Brand and marketing expert, commercial and headshot photographer helping entrepreneurs build their brand

Jeff Pickett

Storybrand consultant, videographer, podcaster, and business consultant

Sara Connell

Helping coaches and entrepreneurs become bestselling authors and TEDx speakers


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