Publishing with Throne


You have enough stories and content to fill a book.
For our Throne Authors, we handle all the details.

How does the book get written?
You do the talking, we do the writing.

Our proven process takes your book idea from a structured outline to a live interview where you talk, your writer writes and your manuscript gets done. Over 300 authors have used our process: it’s effective. It’s easy.

Powerful & Authentic

Our publishing process will not only easily make you a published author, but will be an empowering and transformative experience.

Communicate your wisdom and experience to the people who need it.

You have the experience. You’ve made the mistakes and you’ve learned from them.  You likely talk to people on a regular basis who want to learn from you.  When your book is published, telling your story is that much easier.

When you partner with us, we provide:

Comprehensive Publishing Process

Including Unparalleled Writing Team and Professional Editing Team. You Keep 100% Royalties.

Custom Design

Including Unique Cover Design and Custom Layout Design


Books Available in Softcover, Hardcover and Digital. Print on Demand Publishing.


Personalized 100-Day Marketing Plan



They say you should write a book.


Let’s take the next step.


Prefer to write a book at your own pace?  Take a look at our Assisted Author Program.