Ben Taatjes | Amazon Best Seller

Most people prepare for the financial side of retirement. This is a critical piece of the puzzle, but does it leave out the biggest pieces of all? In this book, author Ben Taatjes shows how purpose and contribution work together to make retirement the best years of life—instead of the most disappointing ones.

Repurposed: The Untold Story of Retirement in America, pulls back the curtain on the reality that lies just over the crest of age sixty-five. There is more to the story than we’ve all been told. Taatjes traces the surprising roots of retirement that spring from a cultural context that differs greatly from our own. He shows how today calls for a new view of this age-old season if we’re going to live fulfilled.

Inside, Taatjes expertly untangles the web of misinformation and unmet expectations, and sheds light on the path to making retirement the most fulfilling years of your life. By living a repurposed life centered on making a positive impact on others, you’ll find the best days are still to come.