An Excerpt from Get It Done

From Local To National: A Case Study

Here’s how one book was used in several creative ways to achieve national success.

We talked about Josh and Derek Kattenberg back in Chapter 4. When they published their book, Rental Property Success, they posted it for sale on Amazon. They emailed their entire network about it. They talked about it on every social media channel.

Soon, Rental Property Success became an Amazon bestseller and held the spot of the #1 real estate book there for over a week.

But that was only the beginning.

The content and custom graphics from their book went into their newsletters and onto their blog. They used quotes and snippets from the book all over social media.

They were able to promote their book, and new content did not have to be created all the time.

Other property managers soon asked if they could license the Kattenbergs’ content because it was so good. Josh and Derek agreed, and now they are being paid license fees as well.

Keep The Content Moving

There are so many ways to repurpose the content of your book. Blog it. Tweet it. License it. White-label your book and let your biggest client use it.

Get creative. There are tons of great options for repurposing your book to add value and keep your ideas moving.