The Influence Formula

A book gives real influence to real leaders.

I say this because in order to publish a book, we need a certain level of experience, wisdom, and knowledge. We need ideas, and we need the passion and the vision to guide those ideas.

A book is proof that we have all of these things. A book is the sum of everything we value and believe. A book is the calling card of a leader, and a lasting echo of our influence.

So where does this influence come from, and how can publishing a book amplify it?

To answer these questions, let’s take a look at the Influence Formula:

Influence = Passion + a focus on people you care about.

In other words, we take what we are passionate about, add it to a group of people we care about, and put the focus on them.

That’s right—I said focus on them. Not on us.

Influence is all about the effect we have on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something else. It’s all about other people, and how we affect them.

In today’s society, it is not normal to focus on anyone but ourselves. It is not normal and it is not easy. But this is precisely why it’s so effective.

When we focus our actions on serving others and not ourselves, people take notice. We become more influential than we ever thought we could. I’m talking about the kind of influence that remains long after we’re gone.

It is the kind of influence that people compliment. It is the kind of influence that gives us a boost in our networking. It is the kind of influence that sends the best people flocking to us.

It is the kind of influence that will come from the book you publish. And it’s exactly the kind of influence we want.

At least, I hope so. If all you want is influence for your own gain, then what you want isn’t really influence—it’s power. The desire for power for its own sake means that you are not a leader—you are a tyrant, and this book is not for you.

But if you are in search of the kind of influence that truly leads, helps, and inspires others, then let’s keep moving.

Real Influence For Real Leaders

Influence is not a one-way street—that is to say, we can’t constantly churn out influence without taking something in. We can’t make something out of nothing.

So if the output is influence, what is the input?

I think it comes down to a couple of things, added to the passion and the desire to serve others that we talked about in the Influence Formula.

First, we begin with our life story and our experiences. This is the raw material given to us by God to work with. It is the part that we own and that no one, not even our fiercest competitor, can take away from us.

The second part is what we learn from others. We don’t go through life alone—we are part of a community, and we are shaped by those who mentor and advise us. The catch is that we must be willing to listen and to commit to our own personal growth. And that is not easy to do.

The simple fact is that influence begets influence. Your mentors are called to influence, guide, and serve you. You are then called to influence, guide, and serve others.

Speaking of being called—that’s the third factor.

We are going to use the word “call” a lot in this book. That’s because I believe we are all called to do something, whether it’s to start your own business, lead an organization, or serve the poor at a soup kitchen downtown.

We all feel the sense that there is something we are supposed to do. Something we must do or are meant to do. It lives down deep in our bones, deep in our hearts.

Every time we do the thing we feel called to do, we feel fulfilled and alive.

Every time we neglect or ignore the call, we feel a little less alive. We feel like we are missing out, or that time is passing us by. We feel like we are wasting our potential.

The sad truth is that most people never contemplate where they come from. They don’t listen to others. And they don’t listen to (or act on) the call within their own hearts.

But if you can do these three things, you will have what you need to influence others and find success. Your vision will come through loud, clear, and real. And you will have all you need to cross the threshold into a new marketing and business space.

You will be ready to publish your book, and by doing so you will help others and reap a double portion reward as a result.

Exponential Influence

“Am I adding value or taking it away?” This is a great question for us to ask ourselves over the course of our day.

In everything I do every day, whether I am having coffee with a friend or leading a meeting, my goal is to find a way to give. To add more value than I take. To influence others in a positive way and not a negative way. To live out and fulfill my call.

We can add value and influence others even when we are not physically there to do so. And that is really the crux of the whole thing for me.

We can put everything that makes up our influence—our story, our experience, our knowledge, and our wisdom—into a book. With a book, we can market ourselves without actually marketing ourselves.

And a book is far more rich than a brochure, far more deep than a social media post, and far more authoritative than a blog.

In fact, a book is the most sophisticated marketing tool around. This is because it can truly carry the full weight of our influence.

A book is a marketing tool that we can leave behind no matter where we go. And we will know that it will make its way to the C-suite and to the decision makers.

And no matter if those folks read the entire book or just two pages, we know that our book will positively influence and add value to them long after we have left. They will have lasting access to our beliefs, our passions, our enthusiasm, and our ideas.

This is exponential influence.

Publishing a book will give you this exponential influence. It has worked for me, just as it works every time with every person who follows the process.

But again, I urge you to remember your focus, and your reason for doing this. I do not want you to gain a massive influence simply in order to promote yourself or your business, though of course that is a nice side effect.

I want you to use your influence to help others. I want you to live out and fulfill your mission, your purpose, and your call.

This is vital.