An Excerpt from Get It Done

Case Study: From Kickstarter to Glenn Beck

My good friend Max Borders had an idea for a book called Super Wealth back in 2012. He decided to start with a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds.

Max was able to raise $17,000 through Kickstarter. He then used those funds to publish and print his book.

And since then, he has leveraged his book and the media to his advantage.

He has appeared in interviews with experts in his content area.

He founded the cult organization Voice & Exit, which I think is the next evolution of TED Talks.

He has appeared in “Newsweek” and “USA Today”. He was even asked to appear on the Glenn Beck Show with all of the credibility he built through the media and his book.

Max put his knowledge, wisdom, and expertise out there in his book, and went from Kickstarter to Glenn Beck.