Manuscript Manager

We have an exciting opportunity for a skilled Manuscript Manager who can lead our writing and editing teams and ensure and be responsible for the quality of our book manuscripts.  

The primary responsibilities of the Manuscript Manager is to use our proprietary publishing system to create fully custom and high-quality manuscripts our Authors are proud of and to empower them to do things they’ve never done.

The outcomes expected of this individual are:

  • Lead 30+ Authors through our writing and revision process ensuring the quality of the manuscript is excellent and exceeds client expectations.
  • Oversee the team that will write, edit and proof book manuscripts each approximately 25,000-50,000 words in length.
  • Lead and coach a remote team of writers and editors toward the end goal of a creating a quality manuscript for our clients while fostering culture in the team.
  • Assist in the creation and refining of the overall interviewing, writing and editing systems and processes.
  • Assist in creating written content when needed for company books and blogs.
  • Maintain and update Throne website and blog content, specifically our Author Spotlight section of our website.
  • Co-create and assist in the execution of live events with our authors.


  • Leadership:  Must be able to effectively lead your team and our author to a successful and high quality manuscript.  
  • Communication – Speaks and writes clearly and with purpose. Maintains a standard while building out systems in all forms of written communication, including email.
  • Agility– Adjusts quickly to changing circumstances, project timelines and author needs. Copes effectively with complexity and change.
  • Precision – Assuring manuscripts are printed with no grammatical errors.
  • Editorial Skills – Assuring quality manuscripts are achieved on time and on budget.
  • Proactivity – Takes initiative. Brings new ideas, opportunities and value to the company.
  • Live out the Throne Guiding Principles. 
  • Be and remain coachable.  
  • Experience in editing content for at least 2 years.  

Analysis of current tasks the Editor should be able to execute with minimal training:

  • Understanding the elements of a quality book manuscript and ability to judge the quality of a manuscript while working with the team to create the highest quality manuscript possible.
  • Manuscript Developmental Editing
  • Manuscript Copy Editing
  • Manuscript Proofing
  • Editorial Analysis of book manuscripts
  • Recruting and onboarding additional contracted writers, editors and proofers
  • Interviewing skills

First Steps to Applying: 1) Use the form to upload your resume and 2) Upload a 2-minute video of yourself explaining why you believe you are the right fit for our team and the position (or email them to Thank you for applying!

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