The Change Advantage

Matthew Heemstra | Amazon Top Download

Is change an art or a science? Is it a mystery known to an elite few, or a repeatable process for any leader willing to put in the work? To lead change, you need to know.

In The Change Advantage, author Matthew Heemstra takes you beyond vision and mission statements to making change a reality.

Inside, he shares the three keys to leading results-oriented change without fail:

  • “The Where” of change: how to make vision concrete enough to touch.
  • The Belief System of change: how to construct attitudes that become actions.
  • The Accountability of change: how to pull the lever that makes change happen every time.

Because today’s marketplace is a whirlwind of change, those who don’t innovate will cease to exist. But the leaders who understand that results-driven change is both necessary and possible will leverage the greatest competitive advantage of the century. This book won’t simply keep you ahead of the curve, it will help you define it.