Jeremy Brown

Throne Publishing Group’s CEO, Jeremy Brown, has personally been involved with publishing over 250 books in his career as a publisher with clients in over 20 countries and nearly every state in the US.

His extensive, research-driven experience has made Jeremy an authority on content marketing, book publishing and business development.

For one example in 2015, Jeremy’s business development strategies helped a business earn over $360,000 additional profit in 12 months. For every hour he was working with the client, he produced over $3,500 of bottom line profit to the business. More importantly the leadership team has a renewed sense of purpose and the staff is feeling more valued than ever before.

Jeremy’s unique combination of business development and book publishing makes him and his team a dynamic resource for helping businesses grow.

In addition to Throne, Jeremy also founded a 501(c)(3) nonprofit Christian ministry called Warrior that mentors young men between the ages of 18-35 who are fatherless. He’s also created training curriculums for organizations hiring young men who are transitioning back into society from prison.

Author of Warrior: How God Makes Mighty Men, No Limit Living: How to Think Big, Act Bold and Live with Purpose and four training curriculums, Jeremy has become a resource for business development and book publishing.

Brooke Brown

Brooke was born and raised in Mesa, AZ where she was a lover of family, friends, sports and her cello. She has worked in the Chiropractic industry for over 8 years in many capacities including massage, nutrition, training and leadership. She brings her tactical and leadership skills to Throne in the capacity of our day-to-day bookkeeping and administrative tasks, which give the organization a solid foundation that is poised for growth. She is married to Jeremy, and they have one son, Jordan and a Rhodesian Ridgeback dog named Zarah.