"The Awaken Process was very enlightening and a life/game changer for me!"

Virg DeJongh Mentor & Owner, DeJongh Financial

What is the Awaken Workshop?

A one-day, one-on-one workshop for aspiring authors.

God is up to something in your life. You know it, you sense it, you’ve hoped for it, but you can’t quite put your finger on it.

You’ll walk out the door understanding how your personal story, the challenges, decisions, lessons, and Gods grace in your life, come together in the form of a full 20-30 page outline for your first book – the biggest hurdle for any 1st time author.

This workshop has been designed to streamline the process of you understanding the calling that God has placed on your heart and to build a framework to help turn your purpose into a profession – including a plan to make money from your book.


“I knew I wanted to write a book an sensed God calling me in a new direction, but I did not have clarity on which direction to take it, and more importantly, when, where and how do I start?! The full day I spent going through the Awaken Process was very enlightening and a life/game changer for me! It was truly amazing, Jeremy, how this all evolved in this window of time. Walking through this process helped me to see how my life’s experiences can truly bring value to others in a way I never thought possible.”

Virg DeJongh
Mentor & Owner, DeJongh Financial

“The Awaken Workshop was an impactful day for my wife and I – we are very excited to have our book outline and we can see how our life story can add value to other people.  We had ideas about what our book could be, but after one day with Jeremy, we have a clear path and plan!”

Matt Ellefson
Founder of SURVIVEiT

“The Awaken Workshop was a whirlwind of a day for my husband, Rick, and I. When we walked in that morning we had NO idea what was in store for us. We felt so comfortable sharing our story with Jeremy and allowing him to take that journey and make it into an amazing book outline, which we walked away with that day! Not only did the Workshop help with where our book would go, it helped take our nonprofit ideas and form them into a reality. We walked away that day with our book outline, that we felt comfortable and exited about, as well as a one-page description of our Nonprofit that we can use to help raise money and tell the story of our journey. We couldn’t be more thrilled with what this workshop gave us!! The ideas, dreams and future we had that couldn’t be put into words are now concrete and actionable – all thanks to the Awaken Workshop!”

Rick and Aubrey Byrnes
Aspiring Authors & Non-Profit Founders

“What a day!  I was amazed as I watched my life story be turned into a book outline all in one day.  I can not see how my calling from God can be even more fully lived out in my business as well as how my book will be written!”

Meredith Dekker
Owner of Dekker Financial

“The time that we spent with Jeremy was invaluable to what God is calling us to do. He asked the right questions, listened, and took us through a process so that what is produced will have the greatest impact. The process was amazing and clarifying for how we will get to the vision of reaching every student in Sioux Falls for Christ. Thank you to Throne Publishing and Jermey and Brooke Brown.”

John Glasser

Founder of Collision 

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